Modern Day Manners for Attending a Funeral

Times aren’t what they used to be, and neither is social etiquette. What was once deemed inappropriate has evolved into everyday normal behavior and mannerisms. With the innovative technologies available today, proper manners and social etiquette can be confusing. When it comes to the death of a friend or loved one, modern day manners are different than before, and there are a new set of guidelines to learn for attending a funeral in the twenty first century. Continue reading for advice regarding appropriate manners and etiquette at a funeral or following the loss of a friend or family member.

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🌹 Wardrobe

Not everyone is expected to wear black to funerals these days. In fact, some families request that guests avoid wearing all black. But this does not mean you should wear something flagrant or brightly colored either. Neon’s, patterns, and bright colors are tending today, but should not be worn at a funeral. Stick with something neutral or calming, like blues, greens, blushes, beiges, and warm colors. At the same time, be modest. Fashion these days are showing more and more skin, which can be liberating and beautiful, but never appropriate for a funeral ceremony. Avoid crop tops, short skirts, cocktail dresses, cleavage-bearing blouses, see-through shirts, and tight clothing.

🌹 Reaching Out

Before, sending flowers and a card was the appropriate way to send the message that you are sorry for someone’s loss and have them in your thoughts. Even a phone call or visit to their home was perceived as the appropriate action to take after learning of someone’s death. But today, people are compelled to send text messages and emails, which can be highly disrespectful, lack sincerity, or come off as insensitive. Stick to personable means of communicating to someone after they have lost someone close to them, like a phone call or in-person visit, a card, letter, or flowers. Be sure that the bereaved are ready to have visitors before coming over. They may not be in the right state of mind to see people just yet, in which case, a phone call or letter would be best.

🌹 Guest Etiquette

Once at the funeral home, be sure to leave your electronics in the car or turn them on silent. A noisy phone can be distracting and disrespectful at a funeral. Also, always sign the guest book. This means more to the bereaved than you might think. And it is the proper thing to do if attending a funeral. The family feels good reading through who attended and how they knew the deceased.

🌹 What to Say

As for greeting the bereft, keep your apologies short and sincere. Sometimes, saying less is better. Simply let the bereaved know you are sorry for their loss and perhaps tell a nice story about a fond memory of the deceased. This means a lot to the family and can help them cope better with their loved one’s death. In other cases, simply holding their hand and saying nothing is the best way to be there for someone that has lost a close friend or relative. Let them know you are here for them and ask them what you can do for them. A little errand or dropping off dinner are small gestures that truly mean the most and help the most for someone suffering from a recent loss.

Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for funeral planning in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide professional funeral services for all ethnicities, religions, and races.

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How Do I Make a Proper Funeral Notice?

What is a funeral notice? How do I compose one? When should they be sent? If you are in charge of your loved one’s funeral notices, you are likely filled with questions just like these. Continue reading to learn the answers to some of the most common questions about funeral notices.

Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

Funeral notices are written announcements of a loved one’s death. They are sent to all friends and family to convey the message of their passing. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the family to prepare and send out funeral notices, even if this simply involves enlisting your funeral home of choice to do it on your behalf.

Although they have always been sent in the mail in the past, these days, many people use email to send out funeral notices. Most of the choices you will face when it comes to arranging your loved one’s funeral notices are entirely made out of personal preferences. For a little bit of guidance, below is a brief guide to funeral notices.

What is in a Funeral Notice?

Most funeral notices contain basic information about the deceased and their funeral details. Their primary purpose is to notify friends and family of someone’s passing; but they are also a tool for relaying information about their funeral and more. Here is some of the basic information it should contain:

🖊 Full Name and Nickname of Deceased
🖊 Their Date of Birth and Date of Death
🖊 Date and Time of Funeral
🖊 Funeral Location and Directions
🖊 Details of Memorial Service or Reception
🖊 Information on Hotels, Public Transportation, and Restaurants (out of town guests)
🖊 Primary Point of Contact Phone Number
🖊 Phone Numbers to Funeral Home and/or Cemetery

Additional Components to Consider

Aside from the basic information needed in a funeral notice, there are some additional pieces of information you are welcome to include. What you choose to add depends on your personal preference, as well as, the needs of the guests. For instance, it is becoming more popular to add a brief obituary in a funeral notice. You can use the same one that was issued by the funeral home or state, or you can make your own shortened version. You can also add an honorable mention, and write a brief description of the deceased character, achievements, goals, dreams, hobbies, and more. This can help friends and family find a moment of solace after learning of their loved one’s passing.

Sending Out Funeral Notices

It is important to not feel a sense of urgency when it comes to sending out funeral notices. There are several obligations and responsibilities a person undertakes during the funeral and bereavement process. So it is helpful to relieve a little stress by not rushing the funeral notices. With the help of your funeral directors, you can place this task aside and focus on your own emotional health and well-being. The most important aspect of sending out funeral notices is to give out-of-town guests enough notice to make travel arrangements.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for help planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our compassionate funeral directors offer free funeral advice, as well as, a wide range of funeral services for all ethnicities and religions. From cremations and burials, to urns, caskets, and more, our funeral home offers everything a family needs to honor their loved ones. Call 317-784-3546 to learn how to get started planning a funeral in Indianapolis, IN today.

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Frequently Asked Funeral Questions

When you experience the loss of a loved one, your life gets temporarily turned upside down. You are filled with questions, concerns, confusion, and uncertainty. It is helpful to consult your church or your family for emotional support, as well as, help with everyday duties like groceries and taking the kids to school. Once you have your support system in place, it is also helpful to clear up your confusion with some answers to the most frequently asked funeral questions. This will give you an opening to start your funeral planning process with ease and sophistication. Continue reading to do just that.

Funeral Services 317-784-3546

Funeral Services 317-784-3546

Do I Need to Have a Funeral?

Of course planning a funeral is a personal choice, unless the departed requested one in their last wishes. It is common to plan a funeral in your own unique way. Some people opt for cremation and a wake, some have a showing and a private funeral, and others simply opt for direct burial and no ceremony or wake. Some people even throw parties. It is all up to you on how you celebrate your last goodbyes with your beloved departed. Keep in mind, however, that funerals serve an important purpose in the mourning process for extended friends and family.

Should I Opt for Cremation or Burial?

If the departed did not set up a personal request prior to their passing, you can choose to go either way. Cremation in generally cheaper, quicker, and easier, which suits many people’s schedule and circumstances. It also allows for more time to schedule any ceremonies or events. On the other hand, funerals are the most popular choice because they are beautiful memorials that can be customized to truly honor the departed and the bereaved.

Why Are Funerals Expensive?

Funerals are really not expensive if you consider the type of life event they represent. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more are all important occasions that mark monumental life events. People spend a lot of money on these occasions, and a funeral is really no different in terms of importance. Also, the funeral business is an extremely labor-intensive industry with extensive facilities (viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, hearses, etc.), and a lot of things have to happen in a very short amount of time. Just like you would pay a wedding planner, a funeral director must also be paid. Accordingly, the quality of the casket and its accessories (lining, pillow, etc.), as well as the flowers, can be customized to fit your budget. The cost will depend on which items you choose.

What Happens With My Spousal Income Tax?

When you lose a spouse, your income tax will change. It is best to speak with your lawyer for professional assistance. In the case of losing a spouse, they will usually make time to see clients right away.

Who Do I Call for Affordable and Compassionate Funeral Assistance?

Funeral Service Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for quality and compassionate funeral services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated funeral home that truly cares about your needs. We provide a wide range of funeral home services, including burial and cremation services, funeral pre-planning, caskets, urns, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 and speak with a friendly Indianapolis funeral director, today.

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How Long Do I Have to Plan a Funeral From the Time of Death?

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After an unexpected death of a loved one, the responsibility of planning the funeral can be quite overwhelming when combined with emotions of grieving and sorrow. One of the most common concerns families have following a sudden departure is time. Many people feel rushed to plan the funeral because they do not know how much time they have from the time of their loved one’s death. It is common to have questions like, “how soon can I schedule the showing?” and “how long will the deceased be kept by the funeral home?” This anxiety can make the funeral planning process feel like more of a burden. If you are given the responsibility of planning your loved one’s funeral after their sudden departure, there is no need to feel panicked. The amount of time that generally passes between the time of death and the funeral all depends on your personal preferences.

Time of Death

It is a common misconception that the actual day and time of death affect the amount of time a person has to plan a funeral or showing. Although the day of death will contribute to when the planning begins, it will make no difference in the funeral options presented to the family. Virtually all funeral homes are available 24 hours a day to pick up remains. From there, the next business day begins.

Storing the Remains

Families are given two options for storing their loved one’s remains after their time of death. These options are embalming and refrigeration. Embalming allows for more time between the time of death and the funeral. It does not impede the decomposition process, but it does slow it down drastically. This gives families extra time to notify friends and family members, as well as, time for them to take off work and travel into town for the service.

For families that do not require a lot of time to plan a funeral, refrigeration might be the better option. Refrigeration stores the remains for up to 48 hours, providing ample time to plan an immediate burial or cremation. Embalming is the more common choice since some funeral homes do not have refrigeration equipment.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for help planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are compassionate funeral directors who retain extensive experience assisting families of all ethnicities, races, and religions. We offer funeral pre-planning, funeral planning, urns, caskets, memorials, and more. Call 317-784-3546 to speak with an Indianapolis funeral director you can trust, today.

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Tips for Traveling With Cremated Remains

Indianapolis Cremation  Services 317-784-3546

Indianapolis Cremation Services 317-784-3546

Many people wish to have their ashes spread in a meaningful location, and many more choose to spread their loved ones ashes in a similar sentimental manner. So often times, individuals find themselves in need of traveling with cremated remains. Although there is nothing uncommon about the practice, there are some important tips you should know before taking cremated remains on an airplane, whether human or pet.

The Rules Have Changed

In the past, traveling with cremated remains was regulated by a different procedure than it is today. The new process is still simple and convenient, but just slightly different than before. Here are a few important reminders to start with:

✈ All containers with cremated remains must travel through security checkpoint x-ray machines.

✈ If the urn in which the cremated remains is housed happens to be a material that does allow the security x-ray screener to see what’s inside, you will not be allowed to carry it onto the plane.

✈ In the case that your urn is not allowed through security checkpoint, it will have to be checked with your other luggage and placed in the belly of the plane (so long as they pass explosive detection screening).

✈ TSA x-ray screeners and all other airport employees will not, under any circumstances, open an urn carrying cremated remains, even if request by the passenger.

Alternative Options

It is common for those traveling with cremated remains to want to stay with the urn. So to avoid having to check an urn with your luggage, be sure to buy a temporary cremation container that is made of a material that is TSA-approved. It should say so on its packaging or in the item description. Such containers can be properly screened at security checkpoint x-rays. Recommended materials include wood, plastic, and non-lead lined ceramic. Once you have arrived to your destination, you can transport the cremated remains back into your urn of choice.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for information about Indianapolis cremation services, urns, and more. We are compassionate and experienced funeral directors who provide a wide range of custom funeral services for all races, ethnicities, and religions. Choose from our vast inventory of urns, caskets, headstones, flowers, linens, and more. Call 317-784-3546 to speak with a friendly funeral director, today.

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FAQS About Pre-Paid and Pre-Arranged Funerals

One of the most important steps to preparing your loved ones for your final goodbyes is to pre-arrange a funeral plan. In fact, it is wise to include funeral pre-arrangement planning at the same time you plan your will, estate, and power of attorney. For the convenience and comfort of your loved ones and closest family members, having a pre-arranged funeral plan is just as important as planning out these three areas of your life. Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions and answers
about funeral pre-paying and pre-planning.

What Should I Pre-Pay and Plan My Funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral gives you the privilege of customizing every detail of your post-death care. This includes everything from cremation and burial, to attire, urns, caskets, mausoleums, flowers, music, poetry, guests, location, plots, your obituary, and more. You get to choose the funeral and ceremony you wish for yourself at your final goodbye to those you love. Pre-paying for your funeral gives your beloveds the chance to grieve appropriately, without having the added stress of planning, arranging, and covering the costs of your funeral. Pre-paying gives you peace of mind because you will know that your family doesn’t have to deal with the burden of money while also grieving their loss.

What Can I Customize at My Funeral?

You can literally plan your funeral any way you wish, within the resources available to you through your Indianapolis funeral home of choice. This includes time, day, cemetery, ceremony location, guests, dress code, order of service, obituary, food, beverages, music, literature, lighting, poetry, speeches, congregations, mass, bible readings, ministers, pallbearers, flowers, colors, caskets, urns, pictures, paintings, decorations, time, day, hearse, limousines, hotels, flights, and more.

How Do I Get Started Planning My Funeral?

The best way to get started planning your funeral arrangements is to contact a local and trusted funeral home whose funeral directors have decades of experience helping clients just like yourself. They have the resources, knowledge, and compassion to guide you through the entire process, hassle-free. They are also able to provide free written estimates, advice, alternative options, and more.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for professional help with pre-planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated funeral home that has served Hoosiers for over 50 years. Our funeral directors know how to help you customize your funeral within your desired budget. We serve all races, religions, and ethnicities, and maintain economy-based prices for affordable funeral home service. Call 317-784-3546 to schedule a consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable Indianapolis funeral director, today.

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Necessary Legal Documents for Cremation

Whether following the death of a loved one or making funeral arrangements ahead of time, it is natural to have a lot of questions regarding cremation. With the demand for cremation services currently on the rise, more and more families are inquiring about it. And they learn why cremation is so popular these days. Overall, cremation is cost-effective. But not only is it cheaper than purchasing a casket and paying for burial service, it is eco-friendly and safe for the environment too.

When choosing cremation, one of the most overlooked areas is paperwork. Experienced and attentive funeral directors will guide the bereaved through the process, aptly reminding and requesting all the necessary documents for cremation. There are several funeral home documents you will need to review and sign in which you agree to their services, but there are also a few legal documents needed for cremation as well. In fact, there are four: 1) Death Certificate, 2) Authorization for Cremation, 3) Medical Examiner’s Cremation Permit, and 4) Burial Transit Permit. Continue reading to learn more about these documents and where to retrieve them.

Death Certificate

Generally, the funeral home you work with will obtain the original death certificate. Then they send it to the certifying physician for him to verify and sign. Once the medical examiner acquires and approves the doctor’s verification and signature, the certificate is then sent to the local vital statistics or registrar’s office where it is given a unique number and an official stamp. For a copy, you can visit your county’s registrar’s office and request a copy of the death certificate. Expect to pay a small fee (Usually between $10 and $40, but prices will vary) and provide identification. But most likely, your funeral home will obtain a copy of the death certificate for you.

Burial Transit Permit

After the death certificate is filled out and approved at the county registrar’s office, the funeral home will then apply for a burial transit permit. This permit legally allows a burial (or disposition) to take place for your loved one. It is applied for at the local registrar’s office, where it is reviewed, approved, and returned to the funeral director.

Medical Examiner’s Cremation Permit

In order for a funeral home to provide cremation service for your loved one, they will need a cremation permit, also called a cremation request permit. The funeral home purchases this permit from the medical examiner’s office and fills it out as needed. If the permit is accurate and complete, the medical examiner’s office signs it and returns it to the funeral home.

Authorization for Cremation

A signed Authorization for Cremation form is needed for a legal cremation, and it must be signed by the deceased’s next of kin. This person is the one responsible for “authorizing”, or giving permission to move forward with cremation. This form is also called a Declaration for Disposition of Cremated Remains form.

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Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for affordable cremation service in Indianapolis, Indiana. For over 50 years, our family owned and operated funeral home has served the Hoosier communities with memorable funeral services at the economy-based prices. You can trust us for the highest standards of professionalism, respect, and compassion. Call 317-784-3546 for Indianapolis cremation services you can trust.

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5 Tips for Sending Funeral Notices

Notifying friends and family of a loved one’s passing is not an easy part of the funeral planning process, and often times, can be quite emotional for those involved. But writing a considerate funeral notice is not only the proper way to inform those who cared, it can also be quite healing and comforting to the heart. To write a truly thoughtful and warming funeral notice, all you need is the words from your heart and a few helpful tips. Continue reading to learn 5 important tips for writing and sending funeral notices and their important elements.

What’s in a Funeral Notice

Funeral notices are meant to inform the recipient of a loved one’s passing. With this purpose in mind, it is necessary to include the basic details surrounding the loved one and their funeral arrangements. These details should include the loved one’s full name, date of birth, date of death, and the dates and locations of their funeral, memorial, and reception if they are having any. If the loved one went by a nickname, be sure to include it in their name description. With these basic elements in mind, you can move onto to learn some helpful tips for writing and sending funeral notices.

Consider Those From Out of Town

If there are friends and family coming in from out of town for the funeral or memorial service, it is thoughtful to include some helpful local information in the funeral notice. This includes address and phone number information for hotels, restaurants, the cemetery or reception hall, and also a city map and information for local transportation routes.

Add an Obituary

It is a good idea to add a simple and brief obituary in the funeral notice. Not only is this thoughtful, it is helpful for others coping with the loss. You can choose to use the same obituary placed in the paper, but you can also write your own. If writing your own obituary, be sure to include biographical information like where they were born, their bereaved, where they went to school, academic and vocational achievements, their likes, their goals, community involvement, and anything else special about them.

Honor Them With a Few Words

In the funeral notice, it is important to remember that you are honoring the deceased. In fact, this is a great way to start the notice off. The honoring should be something respectful and uplifting, and that also evokes who the person was and how everyone felt about them. Include a brief scripture, a short poem, song lyrics, or a few personally-written sentences honoring your loved one in a way that will make recipients feel comforted and at peace.

Send Out Notices When You Feel Ready

Do not feel rushed to send out funeral notices. Take your time completing the funeral arrangements and all other memorial and reception details, and then talk to you funeral director about sending our notices. It is only important to send out funeral notices in time for those out of town to make proper arrangements.

N.F. Change Funeral Home

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Call N.F. Change Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 to speak with an experienced Indianapolis funeral director you can trust. For over 50 years, our family owned and operated funeral home has provided compassionate and economically-priced funeral services for all races, religions, and ethnicities throughout Indianapolis, Indiana.

We are dedicated to honoring the deceased, and supporting the families of those lost. We provide a wide range of funeral services, including caskets, urns, cremations, and more. Call 317-784-3546 to request information about our funeral home in Indianapolis, IN today.

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FAQs about Cremation

With each passing generation, cremation is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the traditional casket and burial option. And there are several good reasons why. If you are planning arrangements for yourself, or for a loved one, it is wise to consider cremation services. Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions for a chance to learn more about cremation before making a decision.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

One of the most admired aspects of cremation is that it is much more cost-effective and affordable. Depending on the funeral home and the package you select, the cost of cremation will vary. Basic packages generally cost between $800 and $1,000. And more comprehensive packages can cost upwards of $3,000 or more.

If I Choose Cremation, Can I Still Have a Funeral?

Yes of course! Many families choose to still have a ceremony and a type of viewing or memorial after the cremation. A funeral director can help you arrange all of the details for your loved one’s cremation and funeral services.

Is Cremation Bad for the Environment?

No way! In fact, it is better. Since no toxic chemicals are used or released, cremation is considered a “green” funeral practice that is both safe and supportive of the surrounding environment. Cremation remains are organic, so they go back into the earth and soil as a part of nature if spread. And if kept in urns, they cannot be an imposition on the environment whatsoever.

If I Pre-Pay for Cremation, and Pass Away Somewhere Else, What Happens?

Any funds you have on account at your funeral home are usually non-refundable. So it is best to have your funeral and cremation done in the home you prepaid for, even if you passes in another city or state. For this reason, it is good to choose a funeral home in an area where all your friends and family are close by.

How Soon Can Cremation Take Place After a Death?

Deceased are kept in a safe, climate-controlled area while all the cremation service documents and files are being processed. Most states have a specific waiting period and even require authorization by a coroner or medical examiner first. In most cases, cremation can take place a few days after death.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for quality and compassionate funeral services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated funeral home that truly cares about your needs. We provide a wide range of funeral home services, including burial and cremation services, funeral pre-planning, caskets, urns, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 and speak with a friendly Indianapolis funeral director, today.

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Recommended Checklist for Choosing a Nursing Home

When you make the decision to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home, your hopes are for their lives to remain happy, healthy, and enriched. For this reason, choosing a nursing home is a critical step toward securing their future. Whether you are ready to commit to a home, or you simply wish to tour a few, an organized checklist can help you gauge which facilities meet the needs of your loved one and which ones do not. Continue reading to see a recommended checklist for choosing a nursing home.

Nursing Home Questions and Criteria

It is necessary to visit at least three facilities to gain a strong perspective of the nursing homes in your city. These tours are intended for you and your loved one to take in everything the facility has to offer, as well as, a physical feel for the environment. During this time, it is important to take advantage of your opportunity to learn everything you can about the company by asking the right questions. And when it comes to the well-being of your loved one, there’s no such thing as too many questions. Below is a brief guide of questions you should start with when tour your nursing home selections. Use this as a template to add more questions and criteria as you visit more places!

Checklist Guide:

1. Is the facility accepting new patients?
2. If not, is there a waiting list? How long is it?
3. Is the facility Medicaid-certified?
4. Is the facility Medicare-certified?
5. Is the facility licensed?
6. Is the facility superintendent licensed?
7. Is there an emergency hospital nearby? How close?
8. Does the facility run background checks on all staff?
9. Does the facility have medically-trained staff?
10. Are employees offered abuse-prevention and additional special training?
11. Is there plenty of staff? Enough to help residents eat?
12. Is staff-patient interaction courteous and friendly?
13. Are tenants allowed to make their own decisions about their daily routine? (i.e. wake up time, bedtime, eating schedule, etc.)
14. Does the facility offer options at every meal?
15. Is the food good? Do they offer nutritious selections?
16. Is drinking water readily accessible?
17. Does the facility offer a wide selection of activities available to all tenants?
18. Does the facility have:
a. Physical or occupational therapist?
b. Pharmacist?
c. Hair dresser or barber?
d. Social worker?
e. Minister or priest

19. Does the facility make family and friend visitation easy?
20. Is the facility clean? How does it smell?
21. Is the facility well-lit and set at a comfortable temperature?
22. Does the facility have furnished rooms? Are they comfortable?
23. Does the facility provide adequate closet and shelve space for clothes?
24. Can tenants use their own furniture and décor for their rooms?
25. Are single rooms available?
26. Is the dining room nice?
27. Can tenants go outside? Are they encouraged to by staff members?
28. Does the facility have nice outdoor recreational areas for tenants?
29. Do the tenants look happy, healthy, and well-groomed?
30. Does the staff seem warm and cheerful?
31. Do tenants have the same nurses every day?
32. Does the facility schedule care plan meetings at convenient times for family and tenants?
33. Are restrooms properly equipped with grab bars and call buttons?
34. Does the facility have adequate smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a sprinkler system?
35. Can tenants continue to be treated by their regular doctor?
36. Has the facility had previous complaints or known violations?
37. Are other families happy with the facility and their services?
38. Is the cost reasonable?
39. What do competitors charge?
40. Is the location convenient?

Planning ahead is helpful when it comes to choosing the right nursing home for your loved one. And being prepared for what comes next is beneficial too. Funeral pre-planning is a common practice that helps families cope with the loss of a loved one. Rather than trying to deal with all the emotions that come with losing a person you care for while planning funeral arrangements, pre-plan the funeral so you can grieve and say good-bye in peace.

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Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for information about pre-planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed funeral directors are true professionals, extensively experienced in the funeral service industry. We offer a wide selection of compassionate funeral home services, from cremations and burials, to caskets, urns, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 to schedule an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable Indianapolis
funeral director
, today.

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