5 Tips for Sending Funeral Notices

Notifying friends and family of a loved one’s passing is not an easy part of the funeral planning process, and often times, can be quite emotional for those involved. But writing a considerate funeral notice is not only the proper way to inform those who cared, it can also be quite healing and comforting to the heart. To write a truly thoughtful and warming funeral notice, all you need is the words from your heart and a few helpful tips. Continue reading to learn 5 important tips for writing and sending funeral notices and their important elements.

What’s in a Funeral Notice

Funeral notices are meant to inform the recipient of a loved one’s passing. With this purpose in mind, it is necessary to include the basic details surrounding the loved one and their funeral arrangements. These details should include the loved one’s full name, date of birth, date of death, and the dates and locations of their funeral, memorial, and reception if they are having any. If the loved one went by a nickname, be sure to include it in their name description. With these basic elements in mind, you can move onto to learn some helpful tips for writing and sending funeral notices.

Consider Those From Out of Town

If there are friends and family coming in from out of town for the funeral or memorial service, it is thoughtful to include some helpful local information in the funeral notice. This includes address and phone number information for hotels, restaurants, the cemetery or reception hall, and also a city map and information for local transportation routes.

Add an Obituary

It is a good idea to add a simple and brief obituary in the funeral notice. Not only is this thoughtful, it is helpful for others coping with the loss. You can choose to use the same obituary placed in the paper, but you can also write your own. If writing your own obituary, be sure to include biographical information like where they were born, their bereaved, where they went to school, academic and vocational achievements, their likes, their goals, community involvement, and anything else special about them.

Honor Them With a Few Words

In the funeral notice, it is important to remember that you are honoring the deceased. In fact, this is a great way to start the notice off. The honoring should be something respectful and uplifting, and that also evokes who the person was and how everyone felt about them. Include a brief scripture, a short poem, song lyrics, or a few personally-written sentences honoring your loved one in a way that will make recipients feel comforted and at peace.

Send Out Notices When You Feel Ready

Do not feel rushed to send out funeral notices. Take your time completing the funeral arrangements and all other memorial and reception details, and then talk to you funeral director about sending our notices. It is only important to send out funeral notices in time for those out of town to make proper arrangements.

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