Advantages of Pre Planning a Funeral

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Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

In trying times, it is beneficial to plan ahead for your loved ones’ funeral arrangements.  It may be difficult to address these engagements, but tending to these duties at the actual time of loss can be even more difficult.  

Here are some reasons why planning a loved one’s funeral and memorial service ahead of time is a great advantage during such a challenging time.

Benefits to Planning Ahead

One advantage to prearranging funeral home services is the lack of distraction.  Planning a funeral at the time of a loss can be time-consuming and distracts a person from being able to grieve properly and be with family.  Grieving and planning funerals at the same time can be emotionally conflicting and stressful.  Having everything planned ahead of time allows a person to just be with family and be supported during the very emotional process.

Another benefit to plan-ahead funeral arrangements is financial.  Funerals and memorials can be costly, and having that financial responsibility can be tough.  Pre-planning allows families to prepare financially for the loss and gives them time to save money to pay for the funeral arrangements.

A special benefit of pre-planning a funeral is giving the loved one a choice on how to honor their lives once they are gone.  Giving your loved one the opportunity to choose between burial and cremation, and the type of service is a special gift.  They can choose themselves how they want to be memorialized.  Picking out a casket, urn, pillow, grave stone, and more can also be a very therapeutic time for family.  It prepares them for what is to come, and reminds them that it is a natural, and not scary, thing.

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Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

For more information on funeral services and planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana, call N.F. Chance Funeral Home and Services.  We provide our services with the highest standards of professionalism, dignity, and compassion.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have on preplanning funeral arrangements.  Just call 317-784-3546 to speak with one of our long-time funeral directors in Indianapolis, IN.


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