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Dealing with the death of a loved one or close friend is an emotionally trying time. In these times, having a support group helps a person cope with the responsibilities that come along with funeral planning and simply saying good bye. Part of the funeral planning process is coordinating the deceased’s eulogy. Continue reading to learn what a funeral eulogy is, and advice for writing one on your own.

What is a Funeral Eulogy?

A funeral eulogy is a dedication of words spoke at a funeral that honors and recognizes a persons’ life, following death. Simply put, it is a speech given at a funeral about the person who has passed away. Funeral eulogies are typically given by a person in the family or close to the deceased. They can be hand written, or administered by a clergy of their church or religion of choice. In most cases, eulogies are written by a close friend or family member to make the sermon more personal. They are intended to memorialize the persons’ life, and honor and recognize their life achievements and other memories. Funeral eulogies can be as unique as a person wants them to be, it all depends on your style and the personal wishes of the departed.

Funeral Eulogy Tips and Advice

If you are giving a eulogy at an upcoming funeral, be sure to give yourself time to prepare. There are several ways to make the process an easy one, so long as you stay organized and focused. When writing a eulogy for a friend or family member, be sure to organize your speech ahead of time. Writing at the last minute will be very stressful, and doesn’t give the departed the respect and time they deserve. Plan ahead of time to ensure a smooth and stress free writing environment. It will allow you to concentrate on writing a substantial and commemorative speech.

Another piece of important advice is proof-reading. Let a friend or family member read through your eulogy to check for errors and get a second opinion. If you are too emotional to read the speech at the funeral, it is perfectly acceptable to have another person read it for you. This is a common occurrence at funeral ceremonies.

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