Coping with a Loved One’s Funeral

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Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

Grief and sorrow can be paralyzing after learning of a loved one’s death. It is never easy when a person close to you has passed away. On top of dealing with the angst and pain of losing someone that was an intimate part of your life, you have to responsibility of planning their funeral. In these circumstances, it is vital to obtain and allow as much help and support as you need so that you do not become overwhelmed and over-stimulated.

A funeral should be a beautiful ceremony celebrating and honoring the person’s life. Stress does not have to play a part in the process. Continue reading to learn how to deal with a loved one’s funeral, while managing your own emotions and sadness.

Family, Friends, and Paying Respects

After losing someone, you may feel like you want to hide away and be alone. The only people it seems you can talk to are the ones closest in your life. When you have to plan a funeral, this is just not possible. You have to pull together and answer the phone, take phone calls, receive people’s condolences, make funeral arrangements, and inform every one of funeral details. This can all appear exhausting to someone grieving over the loss of a loved one. Here are ways to cope through these circumstances.

First start off by contacting the people closest to the person who has passed away. Be sure to remember that they will also need a chance to express their grief, just as you have already done. Although you are still feeling overwhelmed with sadness, try to be there for close family and friends for reciprocal support.

Next, decide on whether or not the funeral will be small or large. This all depends on the person’s final wishes, and the funeral budget. Determine what they would have wanted, but do not stress over the details. The most important part of the funeral is honoring the person and remembering them in the best light; not what color the flowers are and when the reception food will be ready. In most cases, you can simply hire a funeral director to handle the small details for you, while you take charge of arranging the dates and attendance list.

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