FAQS About Pre-Paid and Pre-Arranged Funerals

One of the most important steps to preparing your loved ones for your final goodbyes is to pre-arrange a funeral plan. In fact, it is wise to include funeral pre-arrangement planning at the same time you plan your will, estate, and power of attorney. For the convenience and comfort of your loved ones and closest family members, having a pre-arranged funeral plan is just as important as planning out these three areas of your life. Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions and answers
about funeral pre-paying and pre-planning.

What Should I Pre-Pay and Plan My Funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral gives you the privilege of customizing every detail of your post-death care. This includes everything from cremation and burial, to attire, urns, caskets, mausoleums, flowers, music, poetry, guests, location, plots, your obituary, and more. You get to choose the funeral and ceremony you wish for yourself at your final goodbye to those you love. Pre-paying for your funeral gives your beloveds the chance to grieve appropriately, without having the added stress of planning, arranging, and covering the costs of your funeral. Pre-paying gives you peace of mind because you will know that your family doesn’t have to deal with the burden of money while also grieving their loss.

What Can I Customize at My Funeral?

You can literally plan your funeral any way you wish, within the resources available to you through your Indianapolis funeral home of choice. This includes time, day, cemetery, ceremony location, guests, dress code, order of service, obituary, food, beverages, music, literature, lighting, poetry, speeches, congregations, mass, bible readings, ministers, pallbearers, flowers, colors, caskets, urns, pictures, paintings, decorations, time, day, hearse, limousines, hotels, flights, and more.

How Do I Get Started Planning My Funeral?

The best way to get started planning your funeral arrangements is to contact a local and trusted funeral home whose funeral directors have decades of experience helping clients just like yourself. They have the resources, knowledge, and compassion to guide you through the entire process, hassle-free. They are also able to provide free written estimates, advice, alternative options, and more.

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