How Do I Make a Proper Funeral Notice?

What is a funeral notice? How do I compose one? When should they be sent? If you are in charge of your loved one’s funeral notices, you are likely filled with questions just like these. Continue reading to learn the answers to some of the most common questions about funeral notices.

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Indianapolis Funeral Home 317-784-3546

Funeral notices are written announcements of a loved one’s death. They are sent to all friends and family to convey the message of their passing. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the family to prepare and send out funeral notices, even if this simply involves enlisting your funeral home of choice to do it on your behalf.

Although they have always been sent in the mail in the past, these days, many people use email to send out funeral notices. Most of the choices you will face when it comes to arranging your loved one’s funeral notices are entirely made out of personal preferences. For a little bit of guidance, below is a brief guide to funeral notices.

What is in a Funeral Notice?

Most funeral notices contain basic information about the deceased and their funeral details. Their primary purpose is to notify friends and family of someone’s passing; but they are also a tool for relaying information about their funeral and more. Here is some of the basic information it should contain:

🖊 Full Name and Nickname of Deceased
🖊 Their Date of Birth and Date of Death
🖊 Date and Time of Funeral
🖊 Funeral Location and Directions
🖊 Details of Memorial Service or Reception
🖊 Information on Hotels, Public Transportation, and Restaurants (out of town guests)
🖊 Primary Point of Contact Phone Number
🖊 Phone Numbers to Funeral Home and/or Cemetery

Additional Components to Consider

Aside from the basic information needed in a funeral notice, there are some additional pieces of information you are welcome to include. What you choose to add depends on your personal preference, as well as, the needs of the guests. For instance, it is becoming more popular to add a brief obituary in a funeral notice. You can use the same one that was issued by the funeral home or state, or you can make your own shortened version. You can also add an honorable mention, and write a brief description of the deceased character, achievements, goals, dreams, hobbies, and more. This can help friends and family find a moment of solace after learning of their loved one’s passing.

Sending Out Funeral Notices

It is important to not feel a sense of urgency when it comes to sending out funeral notices. There are several obligations and responsibilities a person undertakes during the funeral and bereavement process. So it is helpful to relieve a little stress by not rushing the funeral notices. With the help of your funeral directors, you can place this task aside and focus on your own emotional health and well-being. The most important aspect of sending out funeral notices is to give out-of-town guests enough notice to make travel arrangements.

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