How Long Do I Have to Plan a Funeral From the Time of Death?

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After an unexpected death of a loved one, the responsibility of planning the funeral can be quite overwhelming when combined with emotions of grieving and sorrow. One of the most common concerns families have following a sudden departure is time. Many people feel rushed to plan the funeral because they do not know how much time they have from the time of their loved one’s death. It is common to have questions like, “how soon can I schedule the showing?” and “how long will the deceased be kept by the funeral home?” This anxiety can make the funeral planning process feel like more of a burden. If you are given the responsibility of planning your loved one’s funeral after their sudden departure, there is no need to feel panicked. The amount of time that generally passes between the time of death and the funeral all depends on your personal preferences.

Time of Death

It is a common misconception that the actual day and time of death affect the amount of time a person has to plan a funeral or showing. Although the day of death will contribute to when the planning begins, it will make no difference in the funeral options presented to the family. Virtually all funeral homes are available 24 hours a day to pick up remains. From there, the next business day begins.

Storing the Remains

Families are given two options for storing their loved one’s remains after their time of death. These options are embalming and refrigeration. Embalming allows for more time between the time of death and the funeral. It does not impede the decomposition process, but it does slow it down drastically. This gives families extra time to notify friends and family members, as well as, time for them to take off work and travel into town for the service.

For families that do not require a lot of time to plan a funeral, refrigeration might be the better option. Refrigeration stores the remains for up to 48 hours, providing ample time to plan an immediate burial or cremation. Embalming is the more common choice since some funeral homes do not have refrigeration equipment.

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