How to Choose the Right Funeral Urn

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Chance Funeral Home Indianapolis 317-784-3546

Funeral urns are the delicate vases and containers made for housing a person’s remains, following cremation. With more and more people choosing cremation over burial these days, it is important to catch up on what funeral urns are all about, and how to choose the right one for your family. Continue reading for a quick guide to funeral urns in Indianapolis, IN.

Size, Design, and Shape

The size of a funeral urn is one of the first variables to consider when picking one out. Measurements are typically done in cubic inches, so it is best to brush up on your math if you feel you might get confused! Otherwise, simply take advantage of a professional’s advice and guidance. They can do the math for you; which simply entails taking the person’s weight, converting it into inches. This means a 150 pound person would need around 150 cubic inches of room. If you are doing this on your own and you are unsure, always opt for a larger urn to be safe.

The design of a funeral urn is purely desire. Whatever finish and art work you love can be put on an urn. You can also choose from an endless variety of signature urns. Depending in where the memorial will rest, will determine the details that come along with funeral urns and their finishes.

Burial Urns

Urns that are meant to be buried are generally made of metal. They can be fabricated from Bronze, marble, and even hard woods. Wood is a very popular choice for burial urns because it is a natural material that eventually recycles itself underground. To many, it symbolizes rebirth after death and is emotionally comforting for many cultures.

Indoor Funeral Urns

Material such as glass and porcelain are optimal choices for indoor memorials. The tip for indoor urns is to find one with the decor you prefer, or that represents your loved one’s personality. This part is completely optional. Also, be sure to keep the urn in a sturdy place that is safe from harm. No one wants their loved one’s beautiful urn to get chipped, scratched up, or broken!

For more information about choosing a funeral urn in Indianapolis, call N.F. Chance Funeral Home for professional advice and an abundant variety. They are a family owned and operated funeral home with decades of experience in the industry. They are happy to answer any questions you have about planning a funeral and more, even if you choose not to use their services. They are here for you in every way! Visit their website at for details about caskets, urns, funeral services, and more. You can also call them at any time by dialing 317-784-3546 and speak to a professional and compassionate funeral director in Indianapolis, IN today.

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