FAQs about Cremation

With each passing generation, cremation is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the traditional casket and burial option. And there are several good reasons why. If you are planning arrangements for yourself, or for a loved one, it is wise to consider cremation services. Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions for a chance to learn more about cremation before making a decision.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

One of the most admired aspects of cremation is that it is much more cost-effective and affordable. Depending on the funeral home and the package you select, the cost of cremation will vary. Basic packages generally cost between $800 and $1,000. And more comprehensive packages can cost upwards of $3,000 or more.

If I Choose Cremation, Can I Still Have a Funeral?

Yes of course! Many families choose to still have a ceremony and a type of viewing or memorial after the cremation. A funeral director can help you arrange all of the details for your loved one’s cremation and funeral services.

Is Cremation Bad for the Environment?

No way! In fact, it is better. Since no toxic chemicals are used or released, cremation is considered a “green” funeral practice that is both safe and supportive of the surrounding environment. Cremation remains are organic, so they go back into the earth and soil as a part of nature if spread. And if kept in urns, they cannot be an imposition on the environment whatsoever.

If I Pre-Pay for Cremation, and Pass Away Somewhere Else, What Happens?

Any funds you have on account at your funeral home are usually non-refundable. So it is best to have your funeral and cremation done in the home you prepaid for, even if you passes in another city or state. For this reason, it is good to choose a funeral home in an area where all your friends and family are close by.

How Soon Can Cremation Take Place After a Death?

Deceased are kept in a safe, climate-controlled area while all the cremation service documents and files are being processed. Most states have a specific waiting period and even require authorization by a coroner or medical examiner first. In most cases, cremation can take place a few days after death.

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Recommended Checklist for Choosing a Nursing Home

When you make the decision to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home, your hopes are for their lives to remain happy, healthy, and enriched. For this reason, choosing a nursing home is a critical step toward securing their future. Whether you are ready to commit to a home, or you simply wish to tour a few, an organized checklist can help you gauge which facilities meet the needs of your loved one and which ones do not. Continue reading to see a recommended checklist for choosing a nursing home.

Nursing Home Questions and Criteria

It is necessary to visit at least three facilities to gain a strong perspective of the nursing homes in your city. These tours are intended for you and your loved one to take in everything the facility has to offer, as well as, a physical feel for the environment. During this time, it is important to take advantage of your opportunity to learn everything you can about the company by asking the right questions. And when it comes to the well-being of your loved one, there’s no such thing as too many questions. Below is a brief guide of questions you should start with when tour your nursing home selections. Use this as a template to add more questions and criteria as you visit more places!

Checklist Guide:

1. Is the facility accepting new patients?
2. If not, is there a waiting list? How long is it?
3. Is the facility Medicaid-certified?
4. Is the facility Medicare-certified?
5. Is the facility licensed?
6. Is the facility superintendent licensed?
7. Is there an emergency hospital nearby? How close?
8. Does the facility run background checks on all staff?
9. Does the facility have medically-trained staff?
10. Are employees offered abuse-prevention and additional special training?
11. Is there plenty of staff? Enough to help residents eat?
12. Is staff-patient interaction courteous and friendly?
13. Are tenants allowed to make their own decisions about their daily routine? (i.e. wake up time, bedtime, eating schedule, etc.)
14. Does the facility offer options at every meal?
15. Is the food good? Do they offer nutritious selections?
16. Is drinking water readily accessible?
17. Does the facility offer a wide selection of activities available to all tenants?
18. Does the facility have:
a. Physical or occupational therapist?
b. Pharmacist?
c. Hair dresser or barber?
d. Social worker?
e. Minister or priest

19. Does the facility make family and friend visitation easy?
20. Is the facility clean? How does it smell?
21. Is the facility well-lit and set at a comfortable temperature?
22. Does the facility have furnished rooms? Are they comfortable?
23. Does the facility provide adequate closet and shelve space for clothes?
24. Can tenants use their own furniture and décor for their rooms?
25. Are single rooms available?
26. Is the dining room nice?
27. Can tenants go outside? Are they encouraged to by staff members?
28. Does the facility have nice outdoor recreational areas for tenants?
29. Do the tenants look happy, healthy, and well-groomed?
30. Does the staff seem warm and cheerful?
31. Do tenants have the same nurses every day?
32. Does the facility schedule care plan meetings at convenient times for family and tenants?
33. Are restrooms properly equipped with grab bars and call buttons?
34. Does the facility have adequate smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a sprinkler system?
35. Can tenants continue to be treated by their regular doctor?
36. Has the facility had previous complaints or known violations?
37. Are other families happy with the facility and their services?
38. Is the cost reasonable?
39. What do competitors charge?
40. Is the location convenient?

Planning ahead is helpful when it comes to choosing the right nursing home for your loved one. And being prepared for what comes next is beneficial too. Funeral pre-planning is a common practice that helps families cope with the loss of a loved one. Rather than trying to deal with all the emotions that come with losing a person you care for while planning funeral arrangements, pre-plan the funeral so you can grieve and say good-bye in peace.

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Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for information about pre-planning a funeral in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our licensed funeral directors are true professionals, extensively experienced in the funeral service industry. We offer a wide selection of compassionate funeral home services, from cremations and burials, to caskets, urns, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 to schedule an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable Indianapolis
funeral director
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Fundamental Tips for Planning a Funeral

It can be a difficult time when planning a loved ones’ funeral. The grief and sadness can be overwhelming and distracting. It can be tough organizing all the little details of a funeral with this type of sorrow and anxiety. For this reason, it is helpful to look for resources such as this article, to help you get started on funeral arrangements. Continue reading to learn some key points about planning a funeral, and some tips to get you through it all.

Advice for Funeral Preparations

When a loved one dies, a good place to start is by remembering the great and wonderful traits and the positive impact they had on everyone’s lives. Use this time to compile a list of personal information to use in their obituary. Obituaries are written to inform the public of a persons’ death and recognize their achievements in life; such as family, career, personal traits, and anything else unique to their life and personality. In a standard obituary, it is typical to add information such as their full name, wife and kids, vocation, DOB, date of death, and more. They are usually written in third person, as well. Once this is done, you are ready to take the next steps in funeral planning.

It is the easiest to then call a professional funeral home of your choice. Pick a home that feels right for your family and friends. Do some research and find a reputable funeral home that has been doing business for a long time. The more experienced the funeral directors are, the easier the process will be for everyone involved. Experience and reputation are crucial requirements to look for when it comes to choosing a reliable funeral home.

From there, funeral directors can help take the lead; allowing you to relax and take a breather during a time of stress. Funeral professionals are trained to cover every option, detail, and offer for funeral services possible. They will make sure nothing is missed. They will go through a series of questions and consultations to make sure every detail is set. Side-by-side, the both of you will plan the burial or cremation, place of visitation, flower arrangements, décor, service music, wardrobe, literature, transportation, officiate or clergy, and everything else down to the last detail. Once you have a reputable funeral home on your side, planning a funeral isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

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Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for professional funeral planning services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our compassionate and hard-working funeral directors have been providing the highest quality funeral services in Indiana for over 40 years. Our prices are economy based so that everyone can use our services. We are here to help you in all aspects. We offer advice to cope with your loved one’s death, as well as, funeral planning assistance, cremations, urns, caskets, obituaries, and much more. Call our Indianapolis funeral home at
317-784-3546 for help planning a funeral in Indianapolis, IN.

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Who Notifies Social Security in the Event of a Loved One’s Death?

After the death of a loved one, whether sudden or expected, families have hundreds of questions. These questions generally range from funeral planning and ceremonies, to burials, obituaries, and more. But one of the most common questions funeral directors get in regards to the death of a loved one often involves Social Security.

The legalities of death are sometimes confusing, especially while simultaneously grieving and coping with a loss. For this reason, it is most helpful the employ the services of an experienced funeral home for help with every aspect of death, funeral planning, and more.

The Social Security Office

Social security has to be notified of a person’s death, and many people are too emotionally overwhelmed to handle technical details like this when someone they love dies. So when someone dies, who should alert social security? The answer is both the funeral home hired as well as the bereaved. They are the ones who commonly send out the initial death notification to the Social Security Office on behalf of the bereaved. The funeral directors generally handle all the necessary filing for families grieving the loss of a loved one. This is their purpose: to help those in need during a difficult time of their lives. Funeral directors are there for support as much as they are there to provide the necessary services needed following the death of a loved one.

Once the initial death notification is sent, it is important for families to then make the effort and call themselves as soon as they can, in order to obtain and provide additional necessary information. Families must consult Social Security to see if any benefits need to be returned, or if the surviving family members qualify for Survivor Benefits.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for guidance regarding funeral planning in Indianapolis. Our compassionate funeral directors offer free funeral advice, as well as, a wide range of funeral services for all ethnicities and religions. From cremations and burials, to urns, caskets, and more, our funeral home offers everything a family needs to honor their loved ones in the most beautiful and affordable way. Call 317-784-3546 to learn how to get started planning a funeral
in Indianapolis, IN

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Helpful Funeral Planning Advice

When taking into consideration all the emotions and feelings involved with planning a funeral, it is understandable that it can be a very difficult process. It is terrible tragedy when a friend or loved one passes away. After catching news of a loved one’s death, planning a funeral is the last thing on a person’s emotional agenda. The reality of the matter, however, is that the funeral planning must carry on. Continue reading to learn some helpful funeral planning advice that can help create a checklist of chores that need to be facilitated to arrange a beautiful remembrance ceremony for a loved one and their bereaved.

Checklist for Planning a Funeral

It is very helpful to write down and organize all the duties and requirements needed to plan a person’s funeral. Below is a compiled list of things to remember when planning a funeral. This list organizes and outlines all the duties and necessities a person will need to make a funeral successful and fitting. Having this list on hand may not relieve the emotional bearing of losing a person you love, but it can certainly relieve some of the stress related to funeral planning under these heavy circumstances. Consider the following reminders when planning a memorial service for a loved one:

• Collect Information for an Obituary
• Decide on a Funeral Location and Type of Service
• Choose a Funeral Home, Cemetery, and Memorial Location
• Choose a Plot or Burial Location on Cemetery Grounds
• Decide Between Burial or Cremation
• Acquire Any Last Requests Concerning Funeral Arrangements Left Behind by the Deceased
• Select a Casket or Burial Container
• Choose the Resting Attire for the Deceased (Casket Only)
• Select Music and Literature for Service Ceremony
• Arrange Funeral Transportation if Necessary (Clergy Car, Limousine, funeral coach, etc.)
• Hire an Officiator and Pallbearers (If Needed)
• Appoint Someone to Read the Eulogy (Or Write One on Your Own)
• Submit Obituary to Appropriate Newspaper or Publication

If the death of a loved one is foreknown, many of these considerations will most likely be arranged already. In many cases these days, people are starting to pay and plan for their own funeral ahead of time. It is a popular convenience taken on by many senior citizens. If the death is unexpected, then hopefully the above list can help you organize your thoughts and allow you to carry on the responsibility of planning a funeral without sustaining too much stress and anxiety. Never be afraid to ask other family members and friends for help. Also, funeral directors are a fantastic resource for funeral planning advice and more. It is highly suggested to contact a funeral home for information on how to plan a funeral in your city or town.

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Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for funeral planning in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been serving Hoosier families with compassionate and sophisticated funeral services for many decades. Our funeral program involves all aspects of funeral planning, from cremations and burials, to obituaries, pre-planning, caskets, urns, and more! For professional assistance with planning a funeral in Indianapolis, call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 today. Speak with a friendly and knowledgeable funeral director you know you can trust.

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How to Obtain a Death Certificate

A death certificate is an official notarized document certifying a person as deceased. These records generally contain exemplary information regarding the deceased and their bereaved. This includes the deceased’s full name and last known address, birthplace, date of birth, date of death, place and time of death, parents’ full names, social security number (usually just partial), veteran discharge or claim number (if applicable), academia details, marital status, spouse’s full name, full names of biological children,
and the cause of death, if known.

Death certificates are used in public health initiatives to collect national data for leading causes of death and other statistics. They are also used to prove a person’s death, prove their will and testament, arrange burial and cremation services, claim life insurance, and more. Continue reading to learn more about death certificates and how to obtain one for your beloved family member.

Death Certificates

All deaths must be immediately registered within a day or two, usually at a state or local Vital Statistics Office. And before a vital records office will publish and issue a death certificate, it must be signed by a licensed medical practitioner or coroner first. All of this is usually handled by the funeral home service hired, or whomever is managing the deceased’s remains. They will collect all the necessary information from the family members, obtain all the mandatory signatures, and then file all the proper documents, and all within in a matter of days. By law, this process must be completed within three to ten business days, depending on local jurisdiction.

There are two types of death certificates you can request: information or certified. Information copies of death certificates are used for personal records and reasons, while certified copies are officially stamped and used for professional purposes (i.e. wills and trusts, burial and cremation, etc.). It is recommended to ask for certified copies of the death certificate at the time of death, while still working with a funeral home. Ask the funeral director for at least ten CERTIFIED copies of the death certificate to keep for personal records. You will need a new copy for each benefit or property you must claim, including veterans, life insurance, and social security.

If the death was not recent, and you require a copy of your loved one’s death certificate, contact your local Vital Statistics Office. Expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $20 for each copy, and wait for at least three to five business days.

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Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for information about death certificates and funeral service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are licensed funeral directors with decades of experience in the funeral and cremation industry. Are staffs are compassionate and knowledgeable, offering a wide selection of funeral services, urns, caskets, burials, ceremonies, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 for affordable and personalized funeral home services in Indianapolis, IN today.

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How Do Mortuaries and Funeral Homes Differ?

Crematoriums, mortuaries, funeral homes, morgues, and more are examples of common jargon within the funeral business. But with so many terms in the death care industry, it can be confusing deciphering the differences among them all. One common question that funeral directors are asked regards the difference between a mortuary and a funeral home, and whether or not this difference matters or effects their loved one’s disposition and funeral arrangement process. Continue reading to learn the difference between funeral home and mortuaries, and who to call for additional funeral advice and information you can trust to be genuine.

Funeral Homes

Funeral homes typically provide exemplary funeral services. They are a private commercial facility that houses several banquet rooms, products, and more. They are managed by professionals called funeral directors that are the key point of contact for families of deceased individuals. They guide families through the decision-making process, assisting in everything funeral-related, such as funeral planning, per-planning, arrangements, ceremonies, caskets or urns, dates, times, burial plots, headstones, and much more. Not only do they provide assistance in planning and arranging funerals, cremations, and burials, they generally provide all of these services on-site. They also facilitate ceremonies to be held in a cemetery of choice, in a private residence, or other location of choice.


Mortuaries are much like funeral homes in that they provide all the traditional funeral arrangement proceedings mentioned above, but not to the same extent and at a much cheaper cost. They are more focused to the scientific and medical aspect of caring for the deceased, and handling cremations or burials. They are not providing the emotional support and aesthetics that a typical funeral home would provide. They tend to lack emotional support and get straight to the point of burial and cremation.

Generally, funeral homes provide cremation services, but do not have a crematorium on-site, which means they outsource this part of their funeral arranging services. Mortuaries, on the other hand, can provide cremations on-site because they have the proper facilities to do so. Also, mortuaries do not typically allow open formal viewings and showings, but rather only allow close friends and family for a private scheduled viewing. For those who require a funeral showing, a home is the best choice. But the biggest difference between mortuaries and funeral homes is the state legal requirements. Some states require death care to be handled by a funeral director, so if you were to choose a mortuary, you may have to also outsource services of a funeral home.

Lastly, mortuaries are used to house deceased individuals that are under investigation of law for autopsies. They are often the first place people call when a person dies. And they are also where DOS individuals are taken before they are claimed by family.

N. F. Chance Funeral Home

Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for funeral planning services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer a wide range of funeral arrangements, services, products, and more. Our licensed funeral directors are compassionate and sincere, and eager to help your family through this difficult emotional journey in life. Call 317-784-3546 to learn more about our Indianapolis funeral services, arrangements, price plans, availability, and more.

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Tips for Discussing Wills and Dying Wishes with Loved Ones

If you are dying, or your death may be near, it is important to discuss your will and final wishes with your loved ones. This is not always an easy conversation to have because of the love families share among each other. Your family loves you so much that the discussion of your death is likely troubling and dismal for them. For this reason, it is beneficial to review some tips for talking to your family about your death, will, funeral, and final wishes.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Pre-planning your funeral is one of the greatest gifts you can leave behind for your family. Because the grief of your death will be high, planning your funeral will be emotionally difficult and trying for your loved ones. Giving them the gift of pre-planning your funeral also gives them the gift of time to grieve and come to terms with their loss.

Writing out your will is another very significant gift for your loved ones. Not only does this secure your family’s financial future and relieve tension among family members in regards to divvying your assets, it ensures your assets will go exactly where you wish and where they rightfully deserve.

And when it comes to your final wishes, it is important to discuss them in detail with your family and loved ones. This includes your preference on cremation, burial, embalming, urns, caskets, music, flowers, reception services, burial plots, attire, literature, location, obituary, funeral home, and more.

Here are some helpful tips for discussing this difficult conversation with the people you love and cherish the most in your life:

• Keep a file of all relevant information pertaining to your final wishes, funeral arrangements, and will.
• Make multiple copies of your funeral or cremation arrangements and keep them in your file.
• Work with a funeral director to pre-plan your funeral service or cremation.
• Allow your funeral director to record and retain all the information pertaining to your final wishes.
• Pre-pay for your funeral expenses.
• Consult a trusted lawyer to assist you with writing your will.
• Speak to your family in a loving tone when informing them of your final wishes and plans.
• Encourage your family to ask questions.
• Reassure your loved ones that you have lived a happy and full-filled life and that you love them very much.
• Reassure your loved ones that you have come to terms with your own death, even if you haven’t.
• Give your family time to come to terms with your ailing health or impending death.

N.F. Chance Funeral Home

Call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for custom funeral arrangements in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are compassionate and experienced funeral directors that provide an endless list of funeral, burial, casket, cremation services, and more for all races, religions, and ethnicities. Call 317-784-3546 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable funeral director about pre-planning a funeral in Indianapolis, IN today.

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Avoid This New Internet Funeral Scam

A funeral is a serious topic. It is a serious life milestone. It is a topic that deserves care and respect. So when a scam turns up, haunting thousands of Americans online, it can be troublesome to understand how anyone could start such a despicable con. Although there have not been any Indiana reports of this online funeral scam just yet, it is best to be advised of its existence in order to better protect your feelings, computer, and bank account. Continue reading for all of this to make sense, and to learn just how this internet con works.

Fake Online Funeral Announcements

These days, communication doesn’t need to be in person anymore. With text messages, emails, cell phones, and more, you and I can communicate without being anywhere near each other. This type of impersonal communication is widely practiced and accepted worldwide, but when it comes to announcing a loved one’s funeral, it’s not the most appropriate avenue to take.

This is where a red flag has been drawn for thousands of residents in southern states, like Florida. Reports have been flooding in regarding a viral message sent via email to Florida residents. It comes to individuals email accounts as an urgent message, opening up to a link that is supposed to be a funeral announcement of someone they know or love. Once they open the link, malware is immediately downloaded throughout their computer, costing hundreds of dollars to repair in most cases.

The message here is to be aware of online funeral announcements, and do not click any links in suspicious emails regarding funerals or the death of a loved one. Instead, make a few phone calls for information instead.

N.F. Chance Funeral Home

For questions about funeral planning in Indianapolis, call N.F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 anytime. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate funeral directors, and we are eager to answer your funeral questions. We offer a wide range of funeral services, including cremation, urns, caskets, pre-planning, and much more. Call 317-784-3546 to learn more about our funeral services in Indianapolis, IN today.

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Beautiful Quotes to Memorialize and Remember Our Past Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Passages and Quotes to Remember Our Loved Ones by this Holiday

“Perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones letting us know they are near, by guiding us through the night.”
author unknown

“Friends come into our lives and friends leave our lives. But friends never leave our hearts. And best friends always get to stay in the best places in our hearts.”
John M. Simmons

“Those we Love remain with us, for Love itself lives on. Cherished memories never fade, because a loved one is gone. Those we Love can never be, more than a thought apart. For as long as there is a memory, they’ll live on in our heart.”
author unknown

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake, with which I’ll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart, forever and always.”
author unknown

“I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even in death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.”
Leo Buscaglia

“You were my light, my heart, my gift of love and joy, from the very highest source. So everyday, I vow to make a difference, share a smile, live, laugh and love. Now I live for us both, so all I do, I do to honor you.”
author unknown

Hopefully some of these beautiful and heart-warming quotes from these great authors and writers can make you smile and remember your loved ones that have passed on this year or before. Although they are not with you in person, they remain in our spirits and our hearts. Have a love-filled, warm, happy holiday with your family and friends this holiday season, and don’t forget that all those lost before are looking upon us with great pride and insurmountable joy.

N. F. Chance Funeral Home

Funeral Service Indianapolis, Indiana

Funeral Service Indianapolis, Indiana

Call N. F. Chance Funeral Home at 317-784-3546 for information about funeral planning and funeral services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a family owned and operated funeral home that offers compassionate and professional funeral services for all races, religions, and ethnicities. From funeral urns and caskets, to funeral preplanning, memorials, and more, our sincere funeral directors can provide the answers you need. Just call 317-784-3546 and speak directly with one of our welcoming Indianapolis funeral directors about
planning a funeral for your loved one.

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