Recommended Checklist for Choosing a Nursing Home

When you make the decision to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home, your hopes are for their lives to remain happy, healthy, and enriched. For this reason, choosing a nursing home is a critical step toward securing their future. Whether you are ready to commit to a home, or you simply wish to tour a few, an organized checklist can help you gauge which facilities meet the needs of your loved one and which ones do not. Continue reading to see a recommended checklist for choosing a nursing home.

Nursing Home Questions and Criteria

It is necessary to visit at least three facilities to gain a strong perspective of the nursing homes in your city. These tours are intended for you and your loved one to take in everything the facility has to offer, as well as, a physical feel for the environment. During this time, it is important to take advantage of your opportunity to learn everything you can about the company by asking the right questions. And when it comes to the well-being of your loved one, there’s no such thing as too many questions. Below is a brief guide of questions you should start with when tour your nursing home selections. Use this as a template to add more questions and criteria as you visit more places!

Checklist Guide:

1. Is the facility accepting new patients?
2. If not, is there a waiting list? How long is it?
3. Is the facility Medicaid-certified?
4. Is the facility Medicare-certified?
5. Is the facility licensed?
6. Is the facility superintendent licensed?
7. Is there an emergency hospital nearby? How close?
8. Does the facility run background checks on all staff?
9. Does the facility have medically-trained staff?
10. Are employees offered abuse-prevention and additional special training?
11. Is there plenty of staff? Enough to help residents eat?
12. Is staff-patient interaction courteous and friendly?
13. Are tenants allowed to make their own decisions about their daily routine? (i.e. wake up time, bedtime, eating schedule, etc.)
14. Does the facility offer options at every meal?
15. Is the food good? Do they offer nutritious selections?
16. Is drinking water readily accessible?
17. Does the facility offer a wide selection of activities available to all tenants?
18. Does the facility have:
a. Physical or occupational therapist?
b. Pharmacist?
c. Hair dresser or barber?
d. Social worker?
e. Minister or priest

19. Does the facility make family and friend visitation easy?
20. Is the facility clean? How does it smell?
21. Is the facility well-lit and set at a comfortable temperature?
22. Does the facility have furnished rooms? Are they comfortable?
23. Does the facility provide adequate closet and shelve space for clothes?
24. Can tenants use their own furniture and décor for their rooms?
25. Are single rooms available?
26. Is the dining room nice?
27. Can tenants go outside? Are they encouraged to by staff members?
28. Does the facility have nice outdoor recreational areas for tenants?
29. Do the tenants look happy, healthy, and well-groomed?
30. Does the staff seem warm and cheerful?
31. Do tenants have the same nurses every day?
32. Does the facility schedule care plan meetings at convenient times for family and tenants?
33. Are restrooms properly equipped with grab bars and call buttons?
34. Does the facility have adequate smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a sprinkler system?
35. Can tenants continue to be treated by their regular doctor?
36. Has the facility had previous complaints or known violations?
37. Are other families happy with the facility and their services?
38. Is the cost reasonable?
39. What do competitors charge?
40. Is the location convenient?

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