Tips for Traveling With Cremated Remains

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Many people wish to have their ashes spread in a meaningful location, and many more choose to spread their loved ones ashes in a similar sentimental manner. So often times, individuals find themselves in need of traveling with cremated remains. Although there is nothing uncommon about the practice, there are some important tips you should know before taking cremated remains on an airplane, whether human or pet.

The Rules Have Changed

In the past, traveling with cremated remains was regulated by a different procedure than it is today. The new process is still simple and convenient, but just slightly different than before. Here are a few important reminders to start with:

✈ All containers with cremated remains must travel through security checkpoint x-ray machines.

✈ If the urn in which the cremated remains is housed happens to be a material that does allow the security x-ray screener to see what’s inside, you will not be allowed to carry it onto the plane.

✈ In the case that your urn is not allowed through security checkpoint, it will have to be checked with your other luggage and placed in the belly of the plane (so long as they pass explosive detection screening).

✈ TSA x-ray screeners and all other airport employees will not, under any circumstances, open an urn carrying cremated remains, even if request by the passenger.

Alternative Options

It is common for those traveling with cremated remains to want to stay with the urn. So to avoid having to check an urn with your luggage, be sure to buy a temporary cremation container that is made of a material that is TSA-approved. It should say so on its packaging or in the item description. Such containers can be properly screened at security checkpoint x-rays. Recommended materials include wood, plastic, and non-lead lined ceramic. Once you have arrived to your destination, you can transport the cremated remains back into your urn of choice.

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